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Rent a Truck:

Another step in your moving agenda is selecting a moving truck rental service through which you can rent a truck, rent a cargo van or rent any other kind of auto transport that will suffice for you moving needs.

What Truck Do I Need?

In order to decide which truck or cargo van to order, you have to examine the items you plan to relocate. Here are some practical things to look for at the moving truck rental service:

1) Length:
Measure the item with the longest length that you possess. This is the minimum length of the truck or van that you can order. By minimum, I mean that you could think of getting a bigger truck if you are moving many items, but do not, under any circumstances, opt for a smaller truck.

2) Height:
If you are planning to move an item that must be kept standing such as a piano or a priceless cupboard, measure its height. Now, check the clearance of the trucks (from one of the many services such as Budget Truck Rental) and pick the one that has a larger clearance.

3) Air Conditioning:
If you are moving items such as milk products, food, or other such items that need a certain temperature to survive, you must pick a rental truck that has it.

Want a Moving Truck Rental?

List of options and services available. Pick the suitable option to the right!

    Find the moving truck that's
right for you!

Cargo Van

10' Truck

16' Truck

24' Truck

Capacity 1-2 rooms 1-2 rooms 3-4 rooms 5-8 rooms
Cubic Feet 309 380 800 1,380
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 7,200 lbs. 8,600 lbs. 11,500 lbs. 25,500 lbs.
Payload Weight 2,200 lbs. 3,100 lbs. 3,400 lbs. 12,000 lbs.
Clearance 8 6" 9 0" 11 6" 13 6"
Interior (Length)
Interior (Width)
Interior (Height)
5 0"
4 4"
6 3"
6 0"
15 7"
7 5"
6 5"
7 5"
7 5"
Rear Door (Height)
Rear Door (Width)
4 0"
4 6"
5 5"
5 9"
6 5"
7 3"
7 0"
7 3"
Load Ramp Width NA NA 2 3" 2 4"
Load Ramps    
Air Conditioning
Automatic Transmission
Power Steering
Power Brakes
AM/FM Stereo
No Wheel Wells  
Dual Faced Mirrors  
Tie Down Slats  
Seat Belts / Seats 2 2 2 3
Fuel Tank 35 Gallon 35 Gallon 35 Gallon 55 Gallon
Lift-gate     Business use only Business use only

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