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When contemplating moving truck rentals, the volume of your consignment would play a large part in determining whether you need one truck or a moving trailer. The weight bearing capacity as well as volume of space available is larger in a moving trailer than a moving truck, so if you have a reasonably high volume of load, hiring moving truck might work out more expensive

While doing a proper zip-code search on the internet will surely land you amidst a whole lot of truck rental companies in your area, looking for the most suitable company might still be a daunting task for many. Once you have short-listed the names of a few reputed truck rental companies with the intention of checking and comparing the rates and services, here is a check-list of what to look for in a moving truck rental company:

Does the company offer a variety of sizes of trucks? Do they have the particular size of the truck that you are looking for? Remember, hiring a smaller truck than you need would entail making a number of trips. So you need to hire a truck which is slightly larger than your requirement. There are always last minute additions while loading your truck, so a bit of extra space is always helpful.

Does the company offer you services which you need. There is no point in hiring the services of a company which offer a range of services but hardly any one is relevant to you. Does their comprehensive rater fall within your budget?

Though this service is more applicable to inter-city relocation, ask the rental company whether they will charge you for two-way fare, though you are taking a one-way journey. There are many companies which allow you to take the one-way journey at a small extra fee. You might not get this benefit unless you specifically ask for it, and land up paying for two-way journey which is quite expensive.

There are many truck rental companies which offer packing supplies at attractive discounted rates. Enquire whether your rental company also will offer such packing supplies. These are usually of good quality and sometimes they buy these off you after use also.

The other important point to enquire is that whether the company will bring down the vehicle to your home or you have to do the necessary job. This is important, as then you do not have to drive the heavy and large vehicle in the middle of the town.

There are amazingly large numbers of small items which will get gradually included in your check list as the moving day draws closer. So if you get a truck rental company which can handle some of the jobs linked to moving truck rentals, it can leave you at peace to handle other important jobs at hand. If you go through the above check list, you might be able to hire a reasonably priced truck rental service, which will make your relocation process smoother and more peaceful.

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