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Trying to find a good moving service is like trying to buy a cake:

1) Just because the bakery looks posh and good, it doesn't mean that the cake will be tasty. Likewise, just because the movers you visit looks grand doesn't mean that they will move your stuff properly. You need to examine their performance.

2) Just because a certain cake is tasty doesn't mean that the cake you ordered will taste as good. Likewise, just because a mover did a good job moving a friend or you to a certain location doesn't mean that they will do a good job at other locations as well. You need to check the local movers it uses.

3) Just because the same cake you ordered was tasty doesn't mean that it will still be that the next time you order it. Likewise, just because a moving service did a good job in that area before doesn't guarantee it will do a good job again. You need to check its track record.

We do all that for you!

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