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Get free storage access tools and advice from leading  Self Storage companies, and  Storage facilities in the USA . Learn about new self-storage services that can save you time and money on your next storage rental.

Easily accessible storage companies offer their services. Many storage units are climate controlled, have 24 hours security and pest control programs that are the best in the industry, all in an effort to provide secure safe storage access for your belongings.

when do you need Storage ?

There can be many reasons why people need to store items away to be used at a later time. Sometimes when moving your household goods may need to be stored temporarily. This may be due to timing and not having located a permanent home in your new city and you may need to store your belongings for a few weeks as you find a new home.

Mini Storage  works best for items that you are not likely to use everyday, but don't have available space at home. A mini-storage unit is convenient and accessible, and depending on the facility.

Self Storage What Is It

Here, we define and explain in general what self storage entails and how one can benefit from using self storage facilities. How many times have you come across the term self storage and though you had a general idea of what it is, you were not sure. Below, I will elaborate on self storage and more precisely on how you can use it to your benefit.

Definition: Self storage business are companies that rent out space (varying from as small as the size of a locker or as large as a number of rooms.) for storing whatever objects their tenants desire for a set amount. Usually, the payments are monthly but you can also bargain out weekly terms. Where Can You Find Self Storage Units? It all depends on the size of the storage unit you are looking for. Generally, the smaller storage units such as lockers can be found in and around central bus stations, train stations or in urban areas. If you are looking for larger storage units, these are generally situated outside the city metropolitan in order to save them and eventually also you money.

Are there Self Storage Units all over the World?
Most of the self storage units are in the United States, but you will easily find them in other Western countries such as Australia and England. As for the rest of the world such as Asia, Africa and South America, you will have a difficult time locating a self storage facility because these are not very common there. But, you will find something of the sort in most major cities.

What Can You Store?
There are very basic limitations as to what objects or goods you can store in the self storage units and these vary from one storage company to the other depending on the services each one offers. But, most do not allow their clients to store flammable goods, chemicals, toxic material or anything hazardous. Most storage companies also do not permit storing food or other perishables. It also goes without saying that you are only renting the unit for storing goods; you cannot sleep there. If your goods need air-conditioning, that too can be provided at specific self storage outlets.

What happens if I don't pay my bill?
If you fail to pay your bill, and ignore their numerous calls and requests, the belongings you kept in self storage will be auctioned. But this doesn't mean that you do not have to pay the bill. If your bill is higher than what the company received at the auction, you still owe them the difference.

Are they Safe?
You will have to lock your self storage unit as most do not provide this. But, if you wish, there are many self storage facilities that provide round the clock surveillance and security cameras.

Can I Store Wine?
For this purpose, some self storage companies offer services where you can store wine in units cooled to the right temperature needed to store wine.

A self storage company is a location offering rent on parts of its real-estate holdings to those interested in storing items. Many use self storage especially when moving to answer the need to keep their personal or corporate belongings in a safe place until the new location is ready.

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